Wisdom tooth extraction in Richmond IN

When Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

You may think wisdom teeth removal is a rite of passage, an experience every teen or young adult must endure. But that isn’t the case —if your third molars are healthy, positioned correctly and causing no pain, extraction may not be necessary.

However, your oral surgeon may recommend removal as a proactive measure, as patients who keep their wisdom teeth are at a greater risk for future oral health problems. And if your examination reveals any of the issues listed below, your surgeon will likely advise you to schedule wisdom tooth extraction soon.

Wisdom tooth extraction in Richmond IN


Gum Disease

The third molar area is difficult to clean properly. As a result, gum disease often occurs at the back of the mouth. When a healthy, at-home oral hygiene routine and more frequent visits to the dentist for cleanings aren’t resolving the problem, wisdom teeth removal may be necessary.

Tooth Decay

Cavities are all too common in the third molars, as many people have trouble cleaning these teeth. If extensive decay develops and a dental filling cannot be placed, wisdom tooth extraction may be the only way to keep the decay-causing bacteria from compromising the nearby teeth.

Tooth Impaction

When the wisdom teeth don’t have the space they need to fully erupt, they can become stuck or impacted in the gums. The same is true for third molars that begin to emerge in the wrong position. In any case, extraction is typically the only solution for wisdom tooth impaction.


Pericoronitis is an acute bacterial infection occurring in the gum tissues around a partiallyemerged wisdom tooth. Without proper treatment, this condition can be life-threatening. This may involve a periodontal debridement procedure and a course of antibiotics, but extraction of the third molars may also be required.

Root Resorption

When a wisdom tooth attempts to come in and it isn’t in the proper position, the resulting pressure placed on the adjacent second molar can cause damage. To resolve root resorption problems caused by third molar eruption, it may be necessary to remove both the affected teeth.

Alignment Issues

Sometimes, the third molars manage to fully push their way through the gums, but they erupt in a position that could result in irritation of the mouth tissues and damage to the adjacent teeth. When patients have alignment issues, wisdom tooth extraction may be the recommended treatment approach.

Will you need to schedule wisdom teeth removal? To find out, you’ll need to visit a local oral surgeon for a professional examination —and if you live in the greater east central Indiana, Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is ready to provide the care you need.

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