Richmond IN Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts for an Easy Recovery

Wondering what to expect when you’re recovering from wisdom teeth removal?

The truth is, most people bounce back rather quickly and are able to resume their normal activities with three to five days. Complications are rare, as oral surgeons perform wisdom tooth extraction procedures every day —and at Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we take every possible step to ensure that our patients enjoy a smooth and easy recovery.

When you get your wisdom teeth removed, you’ll be given detailed aftercare instructions. But in the meantime, the following list of tooth extraction recovery do’s and don’ts may be helpful.

Richmond IN Wisdom tooth extraction

What to Do After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, and proper post-operative care is crucial for speedy healing. When you’re recovering, you’ll need to:

  • Relax at home, resting with your head elevated and avoiding strenuous activity
  • Take antibiotics or pain medication as directed by your oral surgeon
  • Curb swelling and pain with ice packs for 48 hours, then switch to warm packs
  • Stick to liquids and soft foods that won’t irritate the tooth extraction site
  • Gently rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution several times a day
  • Continue brushing your teeth, steering clear of the empty tooth sockets

What to Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

After wisdom tooth extraction, blood clots form to protect the exposed tissues. If the clots are dislodged, the healing process will be delayed and the risk of complications rises. To avoid this outcome, refrain from:

  • Exercising, bending and heavy lifting
  • Using a straw to drink beverages
  • Spitting or vigorously swishing liquids in your mouth
  • Consuming sticky, hard or crunchy foods too soon
  • Drinking alcohol, smoking or using other tobacco products
  • Brushing too close to the tooth extraction sites

When to Contact Your Oral Surgeon

If you follow your wisdom teeth removal aftercare instructions, you should have an easy, problem-free recovery. That said, no surgery is risk-free. If you experience any of the following after wisdom tooth extraction, contact your oral surgeon for advice on further treatment:

  • Significant bleeding several hours after the procedure
  • Numbness that lingers for more than a few hours
  • A fever that exceeds 100 degrees or lasts for a few days
  • Pain that doesn’t diminish or worsens as time goes on
  • Pus around or oozing from the empty tooth sockets

Reach out to your oral surgeon if you have any other concerns about the healing process. A quick phone call may ease your mind, and if additional treatment is necessary, you’ll want to get that handled as soon as possible.

When the time for wisdom tooth extraction comes, contact the professional team at Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. With our highly skilled and experienced oral surgeons, you can expect compassionate care and a positive surgical experience. We look forward to meeting your needs — schedule a consultation atour office in Richmond, Indiana, to discuss wisdom teeth removal today.