Benefits of dental implants

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are today’s top choice for tooth restoration. Whether you have a single missing tooth or several gaps in your smile, implanted teeth are the ideal solution.

But why do oral surgeons, dental professionals and patients prefer dental implants? What’s so great about implanted teeth? Once you recognize their many remarkable advantages, you’ll understand.

Benefits of dental implants

Restore a Natural Smile

Dental implants look amazingly real – they’re designed to closely match the natural teeth in size, shape and shade. Bridges and dentures are often quite clearly fake, but implanted teeth almost always go completely unnoticed.

Preserve Healthy Teeth

Implants are stand-alone tooth restorations, relying on fusion with the jawbone for support and stability. Bridges and partial dentures, on the other hand, use the adjacent natural teeth for support – which leaves them at greater risk for decay.

Smile with Confidence

After fusing with the jawbone, dental implants never slip or shift out of place like bridges and dentures do. Implanted teeth remain permanently in place, allowing patients to talk and smile without any worries of potential embarrassment.

Enjoy Favorite Foods

With a bridge or dentures, hard, sticky and crunchy foods are off the menu. What’s more, tooth restorations that cover the roof of the mouth can dull flavors. With implanted teeth, this isn’t the case at all. Patients who have implants can consume anything they like – and everything tastes just as it should.

Prevent Bone Loss in the Jaw

Missing teeth lead to bone loss, as the jaw needs stimulation from tooth roots to maintain its density. Implants function as replacement roots, putting a stop to jawbone degeneration. Bridges and dentures do not, and as time goes on, patients with these tooth restorations often end up looking older than their years.

Easily Care for the Smile

Anyone looking for an easy daily oral hygiene routine won’t find it with a bridge or dentures – these tooth restorations require special attention. In contrast, dental implants are as easy to care for as the natural teeth. Patients with implanted teeth simply need to brush and floss as usual and schedule regular professional checkups.

Gain a Permanently Gorgeous Grin

Bridges and dentures need adjustments periodically, and eventually, patients need to invest in replacement tooth restorations. Implants, with proper care, remain stable, secure and beautiful for life. With that in mind, implanted teeth are a smart, long-term investment in oral health.

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