Lori B.Lori B.
I had to come here to get my wisdoms and a couple extra teeth pulled. I was excruciatingly nervous and scared, but the staff and everyone there was nice, helpful, and reassuring. The lady who was taking care of me kept a pleasant conversation going so I would take my mind off of things and wouldn't be so stressed. I enjoyed going there, and I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Angie B.Angie B.
The doctor, nurse, and staff was very caring and helpful. I had 2 teeth taken out in less than 25 mins. That was putting me to sleep, pulling them, and wake up time. I don't like going to the dentist by no means, but I would definitely go back to ROMS, and would highly recommend to those who has anxiety over needles!
Joyce W.Joyce W.
Had 2 teeth that had broke off and needed pulled. The staff was awesome and Dr. Partridge was great!! I have never felt more comfortable at the dentist. In and out in less than 45 minutes! Would recommend Dr Partridge to everyone! Thanks again for your great service you provide!!!
Jennifer C.Jennifer C.
I came here to have teeth removed, then brought my two teenagers here to have wisdom teeth removed. Wonderful staff and service! I highly recommend them!
Chandra D.Chandra D.
My 13y/o had to have a wisdom tooth pulled because it wouldn't allow her molar to come in... the dr was wonderful and made her feel better about the entire thing... he talked to her not about her, let her know her options and made her feel so much better about the entire thing... she ended up opting to pull all 4 because the other three were still small but would cause issues later... she ...
Sierra S.Sierra S.
Very professional staff. So nice and calming. I couldn't have asked for better service! I won't go anywhere else.
Ashley B.Ashley B.
Friendly, gentle, efficient, and caring. Was there less than 1/2 hr. They are also affordable. They did a follow-up call this morning and genuinely were concerned about how I was doing and answered all my questions thoroughly. I highly recommend them to anyone. Great people who are great at what they do.
Jason L.Jason L.
This dental office is the best I only have good things to say about the doctor here he treated me very kind and that's coming from a patient who had to teeth removed from the back of my mouth while I was awake and I have a phobia of dentistry work