Wisdom teeth removal for teens

Signs Your Teen Needs Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most teens end up needing wisdom teeth removal. Sometimes, the third molars erupt without a hitch — and if that’s the case for your teen, extraction may not be necessary. That said, wisdom tooth problems are quite common, and most people eventually need them removed.

Experienced oral surgeons advise parents to watch for key warning signs that indicate the need for wisdom teeth removal. If your child has any of these symptoms, it’s time to schedule a professional evaluation.

Wisdom teeth removal for teens

Persistent Pain

Wisdom tooth pain almost always points to a problem. The act of the teeth pushing through the gums could be to blame, but if the pain persists or radiates beyond the third molar area, your teen’s wisdom teeth could be impacted or growing in at an awkward angle.

Tooth Sensitivity

In the early stages of development, cavities in the wisdom teeth may not cause pain. However, worsening tooth decay can lead to tooth sensitivity. If your child cannot eat or drink anything hot, cold or sweet without discomfort, the issue could be the result of a cavity beginning to form.

Swollen Gums

Inflammation in the gums, sometimes accompanied by redness and bleeding, can be a warning sign of wisdom tooth problems. Often, swelling results from infection or gum disease — and both issues may require wisdom teeth removal to fully resolve.

Bad Breath

Chronic bad breath can be due to health issues, medication or your teen’s lack of commitment to oral hygiene. However, like swollen gums, it could also can be a symptom of gum disease or wisdom tooth infection.

Sinus Problems

If your child has recurring sinus pain and nasal congestion, you might not think wisdom tooth problems are the cause. However, this could be the case if the angle of growth results in the third molars pressing against the sinuses.

Does Your Teen Need Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If your teen’s wisdom teeth are causing noticeable symptoms, schedule a consultation with an oral surgeon. But what if your child doesn’t seem to be having any issues?

Oral surgeons recommend scheduling a proactive evaluation to determine the potential for wisdom tooth problems. Age is a consideration, as wisdom teeth removal is easier and has a lower risk of complications when only two-thirds of the third molar roots have developed. That usually occurs by age 18, so it’s in your teen’s best interest to schedule an oral surgeon consultation sooner rather than later.

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