Bone grafting and wisdom tooth removal

Will You Need Bone Grafting After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After wisdom teeth removal, bone grafting is uncommon, but not out of the question. For certain patients, grafting is advisable.

Fortunately, having a bone graft after wisdom teeth removal is a simple, painless procedure performed in your oral surgeon’s office.

Bone grafting and wisdom tooth removal

Bone Grafting and Wisdom Teeth

Oral surgeons commonly recommend bone grafting after tooth extraction. The procedure helps preserve jawbone density, which is of particular importance for patients who plan to get dental implants. Implanted teeth require a strong, stable foundation, and that’s often best achieved with a bone graft.

But few patients replace their wisdom teeth with dental implants. For most, it’s not even an option, as the third molars must be removed to preserve oral health and protect the smile.

Why Some Wisdom Teeth Removal Patients Need Bone Grafting

In certain circumstances, grafting is indicated after third molar extraction to provide neighboring second molars with adequate jawbone support.

Sometimes, an impacted wisdom tooth grows horizontally and causes substantial jawbone loss near the adjacent teeth. And in rare cases, cysts can form in the third molar area and destroy much of the surrounding bone.

If either of these situations applies to you, your oral surgeon may recommend grafting to rebuild the jawbone and avoid future tooth loss.

Why Bone Grafting Shouldn’t Be a Major Concern

Bone grafting may sound scary, but the procedure is actually quite simple and quick. Plus, it’s painless — and getting a graft doesn’t have much of an effect on recovery from wisdom tooth extraction.

You may have heard that a graft requires bone tissue harvested from your body. That’s one option, but oral surgeons often use human bone from a tissue bank, biocompatible bovine or porcine bone and synthetic graft material. All these are safe, with only the slightest risk of complications. Problems during the procedure or afterward are rare.

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