couple smiling after receiving platelet-rich-plasma treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy helps to expedite healing and encourages the regeneration of tissue for patients having tooth extractions and oral or maxillofacial surgery.

Our oral surgeons use this technique to reduce pain, inflammation and bleeding, and to facilitate bone regeneration and soft tissue healing. Both the platelets and the plasma used for this treatment are derived from a sample of the patient’s own blood, making this treatment safe and effective with a low risk of complications.

couple smiling after receiving platelet-rich-plasma therapy in richmond indiana

Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

A variety of medical fields — from orthopedics to hair replacement centers — use PRP therapy to improve medical treatment and care. In oral surgery, doctors use it for a variety of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures as well as tooth extractions and dental implants.

For wisdom tooth extractions, PRP helps prevent the complications that arise from inflammation, excessive bleeding and dry socket, all of which can potentially lead to dangerous infections.

Our oral surgeons infuse surgical and extraction sites with PRP to reduce swelling and inflammation and minimize the risks inherent with these procedures. Thus, patients experience less pain and quicker healing.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Works

In advance of your scheduled extraction or oral surgery procedure, one of our technicians will draw a small quantity of your blood. The technician then spins the sample in a centrifuge, separating the components of the blood and concentrating the platelets.

Next, we add a small amount of your plasma back to the platelets to create a PRP mixture that the surgeon can inject or apply to the affected area. This activates the body’s natural healing abilities.

This process is made possible thanks to highly concentrated proteins called growth factors (GF). The body uses growth factors for repairing bone and soft tissue. By adding GF in high concentrations, the body accomplishes in only a few days what might otherwise take weeks.

Safe & Simple Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment in Richmond, Indiana

Advanced technologies allow our oral surgeons to replicate and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. Because the patient’s blood is used as the source of PRP treatments, patients have little or no risk of complications or adverse indications.

At Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery LLC, our surgeons utilize this innovative therapy whenever possible. The comfort and safety of our patients is paramount to us. And although PRP therapy may not be appropriate for every patient or every service, we will utilize this and other advanced medical technologies whenever possible to expedite healing and minimize the risk of complications.

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