Why Oral Surgery Is Worth the Investment

Why Oral Surgery Is Worth the Investment

Oral surgery, like most other types of surgery, requires an investment of time and money. Insurance may cover part of the cost, but patients often have to pay a portion as well. You will also need time to recover, even if it’s only a couple of days. Why Oral Surgery Is Worth the Investment

These facts can cause some to shy away from a procedure they need and even want. But putting off the oral surgery you need now can cost you even more down the road, not just monetarily, but in physical comfort and self-confidence.

Why Are You Getting Surgery?

The type of oral surgery you need will mainly dictate cost. The seriousness of your condition and the projected complexity of the case can also affect the total.

But when you’re thinking about oral surgery, the cost probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It’s the thought of having surgery, even a simple oral surgery, that makes many patients want to find other alternatives. We don’t blame you, but we also know that your oral health is more important than temporary discomfort.

Do You Have Alternative Solutions?

First things first: Do you have any alternatives? Are there non-surgical treatments you could attempt that could resolve your issues?

For example, if you are getting jaw surgery to correct sleep apnea, first try using mouthguards to keep your throat tissues from collapsing at night and see if that relieves symptoms. We are more than willing to work with your dentist or doctor to find nonsurgical treatments to try first.

On the other hand, for many conditions, there is no alternative to oral surgery. For example, if you don’t remove an impacted wisdom tooth, you could eventually develop an abscess. Waiting isn’t an option.

Your Quality of Life Is Key

Most oral surgery procedures are designed to relieve pain and improve your appearance. Jaw surgery to correct facial imbalances or dental implants to replace missing teeth will be uncomfortable at the time, but they will pay off in renewed self-confidence and better-functioning teeth.

If you’re suffering from TMJ symptoms or want extractions in order to start orthodontic work, the time is now to get oral surgery and improve your quality of life.

Get the Care You Need

If you need oral surgery for your health and well-being, the team at Richmond Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery recommends you schedule your procedure as soon as possible, especially when infection and quality of life are at stake.

We are conscientious about the oral health of our patients and we believe everyone deserves quality care, right away. Whether you’re preparing for an extensive jaw surgery or a simple tooth extraction, you can depend on us for information leading up to your procedure and plenty of attentive monitoring on the road to a full recovery. Oral surgery doesn’t have to be intimidating — not when you trust our team.