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Foods to Avoid After Oral Surgery & What You Can Eat Instead

Oral surgeon in Richmond IN Are you scheduled to have oral surgery soon? Whether the procedure is routine or complex, one thing is certain — you’ll need to be careful about what you eat when you’re recovering. Your oral surgeon will provide you with aftercare instructions, and you should follow their guidelines. But if you’re planning ahead for meals and snacks after oral surgery, check out the tips below. St

Do You Need All Your Wisdom Teeth Removed at the Same Time?

Wisdom tooth extraction in Richmond Let’s say you’re pretty sure you need to get one of your wisdom teeth removed — perhaps the tooth has been causing you pain, or you suspect it’s impacted. Seeing an experienced local oral surgeon is your next move, but their advice might surprise you. Chances are, your oral surgeon will not recommend simply pulling the offending tooth. For most patients, extracting all four wisdom teeth

Why See an Oral Surgeon for a Tooth Extraction?

Dentist vs. Oral surgeon for tooth extraction When you need a tooth extraction, you need a dental professional. Your first inclination might be to make an appointment with your general dentist, but turning to an experienced local oral surgeon may be a smarter decision. Here's why. Damaged Teeth Severely decayed teeth and those that are cracked or fractured can easily break during the extraction process. Because they're fragile, removing

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery — What to Expect

Implant dentist in Richmond Are you thinking about scheduling dental implant surgery? Chances are, you're wondering how recovery will go — but if you have an experienced oral surgeon handle your procedure, there's no need to be worried. Many oral surgeons — including the team here at Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery — are tooth replacement specialists. For the vast majority of patients, dental implant surgery

Steps to Take Before Your Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation

How does the oral surgery process work? When you call to schedule a maxillofacial surgeon consultation with the professional team at Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, you’ll be told everything you need to know about preparing for your appointment. But if you’re a bit nervous — which is quite common — you might not recall the instructions. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem. To get ready for your maxillofacial surgeon