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Getting Oral Surgery? Why Straws Are Off-Limits During Recovery.

Oral surgery tips for quicker healing When it comes to oral surgery, your choice of who performs the procedure can help ensure a speedy, problem-free recovery. Experienced professionals — such as the team here at Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery — take every possible step to make that happen. However, what you do after undergoing oral surgery can affect how quickly and easily your mouth heals. And if you use a straw, you

Do You Need an Oral Pathology Screening?

Is there a test for oral cancer? The goal of a professional oral pathology screening is to diagnose cancerous conditions early, when treatment is easier and has a higher success rate. Your dentist and oral surgeon both check for oral cancer during your routine visits. But conducting monthly self-screenings is important too, as there’s always a chance you could develop cancer of the mouth or throat between appointments. Ho

What Is Maxillofacial Surgery?

Richmond IN oral surgeon Has your dentist, orthodontist or doctor referred you to a specialist in maxillofacial surgery? A board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon is qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders, diseases and injuries involving the teeth, jaws, face and neck. Surgical procedures can address functional and aesthetic issues, and for many patients, surgery relieves pain, preserves healt

When Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom tooth extraction in Richmond IN You may think wisdom teeth removal is a rite of passage, an experience every teen or young adult must endure. But that isn’t the case —if your third molars are healthy, positioned correctly and causing no pain, extraction may not be necessary. However, your oral surgeon may recommend removal as a proactive measure, as patients who keep their wisdom teeth are at a greater risk for future ora

Is Dental Implant Surgery an Option if You Have Diabetes?

Implant dentistry in Richmond Dental implant surgery is widely considered to be a safe and effective procedure, and it’s the gold standard method of tooth replacement. Millions of implanted teeth are placed every year, but implant surgery isn’t appropriate for every patient. Diabetes is one condition that poses concerns — but that doesn’t mean diabetics have to resort to bridges or dentures. If you have diabetes