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Do You Need a Referral for Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery Richmond Indiana Many patients in need of oral surgery get a referral from their dentist or primary care physician. Is this step really necessary? Or can you just make an appointment with a reputable local oral and maxillofacial surgeon? Referrals aren’t always required, but getting one might be in your best interests. If you’re planning to see an oral surgeon, consider the following below. Does Your I

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare: Do’s & Don’ts for an Easy Recovery

Richmond IN Wisdom tooth extraction Wondering what to expect when you’re recovering from wisdom teeth removal? The truth is, most people bounce back rather quickly and are able to resume their normal activities with three to five days. Complications are rare, as oral surgeons perform wisdom tooth extraction procedures every day —and at Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we take every possible step to ensure that our pat

TMJ Treatment —What Are Your Options?

TMJ dentist in Richmond IN Temporomandibular joint disorder is a painful jaw condition, and anyone who is suffering from TMJ wants a speedy solution. The problem is, research on TMJ treatment is ongoing —and as of yet, no single approach has been proven to be effective for every patient. To relieve TMJ pain and restore jaw function, oral surgeons may recommend one or more strategies. If you’ve been diagnosed with the

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants in Richmond After the gaps in your grin are filled with dental implants, you’ll be able to smile with confidence. And your new teeth will not only look and feel natural, they’ll also restore proper oral function, granting you the ability to eat anything you like. If you’ve been living with missing teeth, getting dental implants may be the ideal solution. Before you commit to the procedure, however, y

Can You Prevent Oral Cancer?

Richmond oral cancer screening According to the American Cancer Society, newly diagnosed cases of oral cancer are expected to total 54,010 in 2021. When discovered early on, treatment is likely to be successful — but for a projected 10,850 of the individuals who develop oral cavity or oropharyngeal cancer this year, the disease will prove fatal. As of now, no one knows how to completely prevent oral cancer. That said, by m