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How Corrective Jaw Surgery Can Change Your Life

Jaw surgeon in Richmond If you have a misaligned bite, undergoing corrective jaw surgery could be in your best interests. The goal of jaw surgery, also referred to as orthognathic surgery, is to correct functional problems. But after an oral surgeon repositions your jaws to be in proper alignment, your quality of life will improve in several ways. Improved Appearance When your jaws are misaligned, your fac

Why See an Oral Surgeon for Tooth Extraction? | Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tooth extraction If you need a tooth extraction, contacting an oral surgeon may not be your first thought. You’re more likely to call your dentist — but that isn’t always the best approach. Dentists do extract teeth, and having your regular dentist pull your problem tooth might sound more convenient. However, every tooth extraction has a risk of complications. And should any arise during your procedure,

Does Insurance Cover Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery?

Insurance for oral surgery We wish we could say that oral and maxillofacial surgery is always covered by insurance, but sometimes, that isn’t the case. The surgical procedures insurance plans cover vary by provider, and some pay only a portion of the oral surgery costs. In addition, some insurance companies have different reimbursement rates for dental and medical procedures. Generally, oral and maxillofacial proce

What Is the Right Age for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

How old should you be to have wisdom teeth removed If you’re in pain or have swelling in the third molar area, wisdom teeth removal is most likely in your very near future. But what if your wisdom teeth aren’t bothering you at the moment? When should you have them removed? Or do you even need to consider wisdom tooth extraction? Your oral surgeon is your best source for answers to those questions, as your dental anatomy and oral health

Understanding Your Anesthesia Options for Oral Surgery

Oral surgery anesthesia Are you anxious about your upcoming oral surgery? Anesthesia can ensure you have a positive experience and a comfortable, pain-free procedure. Whether you’re coming in to Richmond Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery for wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement or a more complex surgical procedure, our professional team will discuss anesthesia and determine the best approach to meet your nee